Deadwood Poker

Best Place for Poker in Deadwood

There are five poker rooms in Deadwood.  Each poker room has its own unique personality.  Each poker room has their own set of locals that populate it, and their own unique games spread.  Each poker room is friendly, but some are more competitive than others.  It seems many locals pick their favorite place to play poker and stick with it.  What is the best poker room for you?

Easy Going Poker Rooms

If you are looking to play during the afternoon, the best place to play poker is probably Silverado.  Silverado gives players triple points before 6pm every day.  This equates to $1.50 an hour in comps.  This also means that a player receives 1.5 tickets to the car drawing that is held twice a month.  Many regular Silverado poker players have won cars simply by racking up tickets during the day.  The game that is spread is 3/6 fixed limit Texas Hold’em.  On weekends, one or two 2-100 games are common.  On Tuesday and Friday nights, Omaha High/Low is the featured game.  On Tuesdays it is mixed with Texas Hold’em, on Fridays it is a straight 5/10.

Gold Dust is another poker room that offers games during the afternoon.  While they may be dark often if the Bad Beat Jackpot is low, there is often a 2/4 fixed limit Texas Hold’em game held during the day.  On weekends a 5/10 game might also go live.

Cadillac Jack’s is a small, friendly room north of downtown.  With just three tables, there is little action.  The game of choice is 2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’em.  A bigger game may pop up at night and on weekends.  There are also small tournaments held at Cadillac Jack’s.

Authentic Wild West

If you are looking for a more authentic Deadwood experience, then Saloon #10 is probably your best bet.  Saloon #10 is as close as it gets to old school Deadwood.  There are very small tournaments held during the day, and a 2-10 spread limit Texas Hold’em game might also spring up.  On weekends, a 2-100 game is not out of the question.  The games are usually of high quality with a lot of drinking.

High Limit Action

If you are looking for high limits and big tournaments, The Lodge at Deadwood is your best bet.  On the way out of town on US 85 North, The Lodge is away from the rest of the Deadwood action.  It has its own poker action though.  The biggest games in Deadwood can be found here.  These include three days a week of 200% payback on tournament buyins.  This also includes games as big as 10-100.

Whether you are looking for a small friendly game, or a big action filled game, there is plenty of poker choices in Deadwood.  Most of the action can be found on weekends, but if you look around, you will find poker action during the weekdays too.  You just have to decide which is the best poker room for you.  Regardless of the poker room that you choose, you will have a great time, and be greeted by local players and dealers that are as friendly as you will find in any poker room.

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