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The Franklin Hotel was opened in 1902.  The Silverado, located across the street, purchased the dilapidated hotel and upgraded it.  A casino was built on the entry level and an authentic gold rush era hotel was refurbished upstairs.  Today, the Franklin is an extension of the Silverado property across Main Street.  The player’s club and all promotions are the same.


The hotel is authentic, old style Deadwood.  If you are looking for a cheap room and want to feel how the gold miners lived then the Franklin will help you relive that.  The hallways have tall ceiling and the hardwood floors cause an echo that might remind you of a haunted house.  It is a unique experience.  The rooms are clean, they just are not modern for the most part.  Some suites are completely modernized while others have what appear to be the same bathtubs that the gold rush workers used.  There is also a motel located across the street that is a part of the complex.  Off peak rates are around $45 for weekdays and $75 on weekends.  The rates double during the summer.

Franklin Table Games

There are five table games at the Franklin.  There are two Three Card Poker games and three blackjack games.  The Three Card Poker games offer a $1 jackpot bet.  The jackpot is AKQ of spades.  The jackpot resets at $1000 and progresses until it is hit.  The blackjack games are six decks.  The rules are split up to 4 hands, double anything, double after split and hit soft 17.

Franklin Video Poker

The video poker in Franklin has pay scales that are all over the place.  Two machines that are next to each other could have completely different paybacks.  The best video poker game is 9/6/4 Double Double Bonus (98.98%).  It is available in quarter, half dollar and dollar increments.  There is also 6/5 Double Double Bonus (94.65%) right next to it.  Other games include 6/5 Jacks or Better (95%), 10/8/5 Bonus Poker (94.18%) and 7/5 Double Bonus (93.1%).  Some of the machines will auto hold your cards.  It will basically play for you if you keep hitting the deal button.

There is also a Shuffle Master video blackjack machine.  This machine offers surrender, double anything, double after the split and split once.  It also has a seven card Charlie and hits 17.  The machine accepts player’s cards but only pays back single points.  It is the best machine in the Franklin.  There is also a double zero roulette game.  The roulette wheel is real but the bets are made on a video screen.  It is also a single point only machine.

Player’s Club

There are four levels at the Franklin player’s club.  There is the standard level, gold, platinum and millionaire.  Gold players and higher receive free drinks of any kind at the Franklin bar as well as the two bars located in the Silverado.  Platinum players are invited to free parties where they are guaranteed at least $100 in free play.  Millionaire’s receive an exquisite dinner once every two months and will receive up to $400 in free play.  For every 2.5 points earned 1 player point is awarded.  100 points equals $1 so the payback to free play is .4%.  Note that the Franklin’s player’s club is connected to the Silverado’s player’s club.  During off peak hours the Franklin’s player’s club may be closed.  Players can use the player’s club desk at the Silverado.

Franklin Promotions

In partnership with Silverado, two cars are given away a month.  Drawings are held daily.  For every 100 points a player earns during the week one entry is given in the car drawing.  Multiple keys are given away on weekends.  Twenty keys are given away and the player that draws the lucky key wins the car.  Players must be present to win.

There are also point multiplier days.  Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays are double point days.  Mondays and Wednesdays are triple point days.  The points earned also go towards your player’s card tier.  There are also hot seat drawings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays where players win free play if their seat is drawn.  The Franklin, in partnership with the Silverado, have by far the best promotions in Deadwood.