Deadwood Poker

Midnight Star

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The Midnight Star in Deadwood is owned by actor Kevin Costner.  The casino is covered wall to wall in Costner memorabilia.  The casino is small and does not have a hotel or player’s club.  It consists of less than 50 machines and three table games.  There is also a casino bar and two restaurants.

Jake’s at Midnight Star

Jake’s is arguably the highest end restaurant in Deadwood.  It is dressier than all other Deadwood restaurants.  The menu offers many items unique to Jake’s in Deadwood including duck and barramundi.  There also more traditional steaks, veal, chicken and buffalo.  Every item on the appetizer menu is excellent.  So many different wine choices are offered that it leaves one to wonder where they could possibly keep them all.  A full bar is also offered.  If you would like to escape the Wild West and casinos for a quiet evening Jake’s is the place to visit.

Diamond Lil’s

Diamond Lil’s offers high end salads, pizza, sandwiches and burger.  A full bar is also offered.  This is a step above some of the normal pizza and sandwich shops in Deadwood.  Prices are a bit higher than most casual dining but so are the portions.

Midnight Star Table Games

Midnight Star offers two blackjack tables and one Three Card Poker table.  The blackjack rules are double anything, double after split, split to four hands and the dealer hits soft 17.  Bet limits are from $2-50.  The table games are located upstairs.  There are stairs and an elevator available.

Midnight Star Video Poker

The video poker at Midnight Star is the worst in Deadwood.  6/5 Jacks or Better (95%), the worst pay scale for the game available on a Game King, is actually the best video poker game in the casino.  It is the highest payback game that is not a table game at Midnight Star.  Other games include 15/10 Deuces Wild (94.82%), 6/5 Double Double Bonus (94.65%), 8/5 Double Bonus (94.65%) and 10/8/5 Bonus Poker (94.18%).  While you may find a worse Deuces Wild game in town, the fact that 6/5 Jacks or Better is the best video poker shows how bad the games are at Midnight Star.  Also note that there is no player’s club to earn point on to offset the poor games.

Overall Atmosphere

While I have tried to keep my opinion out of most of the reviews the Midnight Star is unique to Deadwood.  It is an uppity, snooty establishment.  This turns off many of the locals.  From the way I have seen people treated it makes me wonder if that is how they want it.  If you ask a local how they feel about the Midnight Star it seems they all have a story about how they were treated poorly and never went back.  I have had my own experience with that as well.  While I highly recommend the restaurants, if you decide to gamble or drink you may want to try somewhere else.