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Deadwood Bet Limit Now $1000

Deadwood now has a new bet limit effective today, July 1, 2012.  Players will now be able to wager up to $1000 in a single hand of blackjack and other table games.  Players will now be allowed to wager $1000 per bet at poker.  This means it is possible that each street could have a $1000 bet with three $1000 raises.  Only four casinos will initially raise their bet limits after upgrading surveillance equipment and cash behind the cage.  Those four casinos are Silverado, Mineral Palace, The Lodge at Deadwood, and Deadwood Mountain Grand.  Cadillac Jacks will raise their limits after approval from the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.  That approval should come later in the summer.

The two poker rooms with constant 2-100 games should end up with 2-1000 games.  The Lodge at Deadwood will likely be the poker room to find most of the high limit poker action.  Games will play like a true No Limit Texas Hold’em game at most blinds.  The blinds will often be 1/2, 2/5, or 5/10.  A game with 10/20 blinds is expected during peak hours.  Silverado is the only other poker room with new bet limits as Mineral Palace and the Deadwood Mountain Grand do not have poker rooms.  This should help boost poker action in Deadwood and make the poker games more playable for tourists accustomed to playing standard no limit games.

New limits will also bring new chips to the tables.  Casinos that now accept bets up to $1000 will introduce $500, $1000, and $5000 chips into circulation.  The $500 chips were already approved but were not commonly found in Deadwood casinos in the past.  Expect to see new $500 and $1000 chips at high limit tables with some casinos circulating $5000 chips.

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