Deadwood Poker

Deadwood Introduces Pai Gow Poker

Update November 20, 2015: Pai Gow Poker was pulled from Cadillac Jack’s. It is no longer available anywhere in Deadwood.

A new game has made its way to Deadwood.  Pai Gow Poker is available at Cadillac Jack’s.  The minimum bet is just $5 and the maximum bet is $1000.

To play Pai Gow Poker, first players make a bet.  Players must bet on their hand.  There is also an optional bonus bet.  Players are then dealt seven cards.  The deck includes one joker.  The player must make a five card hand and a two card hand.  The five card hand must beat the two card hand.  The joker is an ace or it can be used to complete a four card straight, flush, or straight flush.  In the case of straights, a five high straight is higher than all other straights except for an ace high straight.

After the player sets their hand, the dealer shows their seven cards.  The dealer sets their hand according to the house way.  Once the dealer sets their hands the player’s hand is shown.  To win, the player must beat both of the dealer’s hands.  The player loses if both of their hands are beaten by the dealer.  If the player wins one and loses one it is a push.  If the player wins one and ties one the hand is a push.  If the player ties one and loses the other it is a loss for the player.

Cadillac Jack’s is the only casino in Deadwood with Pai Gow Poker.  There is one other casino in South Dakota that offers Pai Gow Poker.  That casino is the Royal River Casino in Flandreau which is just north of Sioux Falls.

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