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Deadwood Smoking Ban

On November 10, 2010 South Dakota voters passed a comprehensive smoking ban.  This smoking ban eliminated smoking from all bars and casinos in South Dakota that are not on reservations.  Deadwood was forced to comply with the new law.  Some casinos set up outside smoking areas on the sidewalk.  Some other casinos got more creative.

Cadillac Jack’s built an outdoor room for smokers.  This room includes a TV, seating, tables and a heater.  This is by far the most comprehensive outpost for smokers.  Several other hotels removed the outside double set of doors for small areas, but for the most part there was little room for most of the Main Street casinos to build anything.

There are two interior smoking rooms on Main Street.  One is behind the Bourbon Street casino.  The other is connected to the Bodega.  The rules for each of these rooms is that anyone that enters is 21 or older, and that alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the room.

There is only one business in town that is legally allowed to have smoking inside and sell alcohol.  It is the Deadwood Tobacco Company.  The Deadwood Tobacco Company is located under Oyster Bay, right next to the city parking deck.  It is the former home of the city jail.  They do have a rule though that any tobacco used on the premises must be purchased from them.  They are a friendly bunch that welcome tourists and locals alike.

Most of the large casinos also sell electronic cigarettes which seem to have become the craze in South Dakota after the smoking ban.  Those can be used indoors at any gambling table or machine.  They can also be used in any bar or restaurant.

For non smokers, the smoking ban creates a clean air environment.  Most non smokers were happy to see the ban pass.  The casinos are still trying to figure out how to overcome the loss in business though.  There are several great management groups that are doing the best that they can to cater to all of their players, whether they smoke or not.

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