Deadwood Poker

Gold Dust Poker Room Closes

After years of declining traffic, the Gold Dust Poker Room is Deadwood closed.  The poker room had moved twice in the past few years.  In its last location, it was not even a room.  It was just a space behind the table games with two tables.  The once popular 2/4 and 5/10 Texas Hold’em games have moved to Saloon #10 along with several employees.  After The Lodge at Deadwood opened, the poker action was spread too thin in Deadwood.  The Gold Dust was the least popular poker room in Deadwood and it was the first one to break.

This is not the first move Gold Dust has made in recent years.  There have been several changes of ownership.  Four Aces currently owns the property which has been hurting for years.  In 2010, table games were removed from the Gold Dust hotel property.  A lounge area replaced these tables.

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