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Nemo Outhouse Races in Deadwood

The Nemo Outhouse race is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th.  The festivities include a toilet paper toss, outhouse horseshoes, shovel races for kids, a chili and rib cookoff, followed by the main event.  The event was held for five years in Nemo, SD.  It was moved up the road as the event grew too large for the small Nemo community just south of Vanocker Canyon in the Northern Hills. Thousands of spectators are expected.

After the races and awards ceremony, The Flyswatters will play at 4:30pm.  The Flyswatters are a local band that are based in the Black Hills community of Johnson Siding.  All of the events are taking place near the Days of 76 Museum.  The Days of 76 Museum is located on the northern end of Deadwood at 40 Crescent Street.  Proceeds from the Outhouse Races will go to the Days of 76 Museum.

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