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Poker in Deadwood

There are a total of five poker rooms in Deadwood.  These poker rooms are located at Silverado, Saloon #10, Cadillac Jack’s, and The Lodge at Deadwood.  Each poker room is small with the biggest rooms only having five tables.  The $1000 bet limit makes No Limit Texas Hold’em cash games illegal.  To substitute for the lack of no limit cash games, spread limit is allowed.  The most common form of spread limit is 2-1000.  The small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2.  At any time, a player may raise up to $1000.  The maximum raise is also $1000.  The standard cap on raises is three, meaning the maximum amount any betting round can reach is $4000.  These games play almost exactly like a no limit game would play.

The Lodge at Deadwood often offers 2-1000, 5-1000 or 10-1000 Texas Hold’em.  These games play like a no limit game with blinds of  $1 and $2 in 2-1000, $2 and $5 in 5-100, and $5 and $10 in 10-100.  These are the biggest games in Deadwood and often have substantial action.

Silverado has a five table poker room.  The game of choice at Silverado is 3/6 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em.  On Tuesday and Friday, there is Omaha High/Low.  On Friday and Saturday night, there is a 2-1000 spread limit Texas Hold’em game.

Cadillac Jacks and Saloon #10 offer 2-10 Spread Limit Texas Hold’em.  Saloon #10 also offers Seven Card Stud High/Low and mixed games.

While No Limit cash games are illegal, no limit tournaments are legal.  There are several tournaments every day in Deadwood.  By law, the entry fee on a tournament buy in can be no more than 10%.  That makes Deadwood one of the best places to play live tournaments.  There are also many low buyin tournaments held every day.  Some buyins are as low as $6.

The cash game rake in Deadwood is a standard 10% up to $4 across the board.  The only difference is that some poker rooms rake quarters while others do not.  Each poker room has a bad beat or high hand jackpot where an additional rake is taken.  There are also some unusual jackpots.  At Saloon #10, a player that receives four of a kind 10’s will receive 10% of the jackpot if they use a pocket pair, 5% if they only use one card.  If a player makes two pair aces and eights with the nine of diamonds, they win 25% of the bad beat jackpot.  The aces and 8’s must be spades and clubs to qualify.

The best time to play poker in Deadwood is on weekend nights.  There are few games during weekdays and even some weeknights see little action, especially during the off season.  Deadwood casinos do not offer poker rates to players although players do earn points for playing that can be applied to hotel bills.  Players can also use these points to buy food or souvenirs.

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