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Treated Poorly by Midnight Star

When a customer has a bad experience they tell one person, when a customer has a bad experience they tell everyone.  That is what I am going to do about the insulting way I was treated at Midnight Star.  This happened back in 2008, but I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I was meeting several friends in Deadwood for a night of drinks and poker.  We got to Deadwood too early to find a poker game to our liking so we decided to play some low limit blackjack and have a few beers.  Since it was off peak season, we had a hard time finding somewhere to play.  We had never been to Mineral Palace because it had a bad reputation.  Many locals have had a bad experience there and shared it with me in the past.  It had kept me away but we decided to see if they had any room to play.

The table games at Midnight Star are some steep stairs.  I have an injured leg so I walk with a limp.  Since I am in my 30’s, I am still a bit too proud to use the elevators to avoid steep stairs.  My friends darted ahead of me up the stairs but I took my time so that I would not hurt myself.  I got to the top, and the pit boss threw me out of the casino.

This pit boss stated that I was too drunk to play in their casino.  By state law, he could not allow me to play.  This pit boss had not spoken to me, nor had he done anything but see me go up the stairs.  I had nothing to drink that day when this happened.  This employee of Midnight Star had completely insulted a visitors that had a small, almost non existent handicap that only appears on steep hills or stairs.  I was speechless.

My friends, who had been drinking all day in Deadwood, were allowed to play.  When I told my friends what the pit boss had told me they immediately left.  I am quite certain nobody in that group has ever gone in the Midnight Star again as a customer.

When I told my story to others in Deadwood, the response was all the same.  “They do not like locals”.  While Kevin Costner’s casino is a tourist attraction, to many locals, it might as well not exist.

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