Deadwood Poker

Weekend in Deadwood

I got up to play poker in Deadwood last weekend.  I called the Silverado at noon and got the last Friday night Omaha High/Low seat.  The 5/10 fixed limit game started at 5pm and was a great game.  In the last ten times I have played the game, it was probably the best game quality.  It was great to see old friends and play some Omaha8 in Deadwood.  I booked a decent win and went on my way.

Later on that night I met up with some friends at Saloon #10.  They were playing 2-100.  I sat down and preceded to get beat up bad.  The cards did not fall my way.  Saloon #10 was too crowded for my liking that night.  I decided to call it a night for poker.

I went on to the Comfort Inn to play some video blackjack.  For the first time ever I saw a Shuffle Master blackjack machine that stayed on all 17’s.  This player friendly rule did not matter, I lost on it as well.  Comfort Inn was the last place I ever saw a BJ Blitz machine, which also stayed on all 17’s.

One thing I did notice that night is that Silverado lowered all of their video poker paybacks.  Silverado was easily the best place in Deadwood to play video poker.  Now they are one of the worst.  Some of their machines even had the dreaded 10/7/5 Bonus Poker.  Not to be confused with Double Bonus Poker, most of those games were 8/5.  It was sad to see such a quality video poker offering get trashed.  I will change the data on Deadwood Poker shortly.

All in all it was a good weekend, even if I left a bit lighter in the wallet.  I will be back up there in March once again and hope to be able to play in the Omaha8 game.

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