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What is Deadwood Like During the Sturgis Rally?

The Sturgis Rally has become so big over the years, that it spills over into Deadwood.  In fact, it has become the Black Hills Rally in some ways.  Deadwood is less than ten miles from Sturgis along a fun road to ride.  Not only does this bring bikers to Deadwood, but the city has hotel capacity for thousands of Sturgis Rally visitors.  Rally time is a serious money maker for Deadwood as hotel rates skyrocket and so do beer sales.  Deadwood becomes one big party for its biggest event of the year.

The streets become swamped with bikes.  Deadwood allows motorcycles to park on the west side of Main Street.  It becomes one big bike show.  During the day, Deadwood is often just a stopping point.  It is at night where Deadwood really rocks during the Sturgis Rally.

Once the sun goes down, the bars and casinos become packed with bikers.  Saloon #10 is a place that becomes especially busy.  Local poker players look forward to The Rally every year because it makes for some of the best poker games of the year.  The vacationing bikers want to drink, and they want to gamble.  Those are two things poker players love to see.  The best games can be found at Saloon #10, but any poker game running is going to be a good one.

The Sturgis Rally is not an especially rowdy time as one might expect.  Most of the visiting bikers are friendly and respectful of the laws in the city.  While there are a few fights, there is nothing all that disturbing for the locals to deal with.

It is fun to see a lot of life in Deadwood during the first full week of August each year.  Most other times of the year, the city is quiet.  August 6-12 are the dates for the 2012 Sturgis Rally, although the weekend before is typically just as busy.  As much as some of the locals complain about the crowds from The Rally, it is the time of the year that helps keep many of the businesses open year round.

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